Sales Advantage

8-Week Program

Selling is a lot more than just describing features and benefits. Good sales people follow a process leading from prospecting to closing. Great sales people combine the process with their personal drive to make the sale.

Sales Advantage is the only course that gives you both sides of the equation. First, the sales relationship process you will learn in this dynamic course is second to none. It will show you how to manage your time and territory productively, how to prospect intelligently and how to get in front of a potential customer. This process will even help you structure what you say in your face-to-face meeting.

Frankly, however, if that were all the course did, it would only take you halfway to the sale. That's because how you talk to your prospect, how you present yourself and how you relate to the customer are as important as the facts about your product or service.

To make the sale, you need to display confidence in yourself, present your solution enthusiastically and influence the conversation toward the conclusion you want.

Sales Advantage is the only course that gives you these critical ingredients for making the sale, because it is the only one that interweaves Dale Carnegie Training's proven principles of success into every session. It will turn you into a sales leader because it develops the whole you. You gain not just an intellectual understanding of sales but also the emotional drive to put this understanding into action. If you want the confidence, enthusiasm and ability to influence people, register for Sales Advantage today.

Sales people - whether they are new hires or on the job for a while - will take away techniques that will enable them to master the sales process and maximize their sales success.

The Sales Advantage course is an eight-week program running one night a week for eight weeks. This time-spaced learning method allows you to practice between sessions. Participants are encouraged to bring the week's sales problems to class for coaching and discussion.