I believe that my Dale Carnegie training has helped me even more through these tough times and know as a result that I have gained higher respect and praise form my staff and peers.

I want you to know that as a Dale Carnegie trainer you play a very important part on this planet and you have helped me and many other people reach a higher plateau in life.

- Dale Rasmussen, Weather Sheild

I work in the communications business but never understood the true meaning of communications until taking a Dale Carnegie Course. Now being able to communicate better with my customers and co-workers, I have found the results to be terrific. Not only reflected on my paycheck but with my relations with my family. Life is way to short not to get the most out of life. Life is a participation sport that I intend to win at with the help of the skills I learned from Dale Carnegie.

- Dave Acaley, NRG Media

The Dale Carnegie Course taught me to be enthusiastic everyday and to keep a positive attitude. Because of this, I am better able to influence the people around me. I am also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Course. I learned to listen to the customer and now I am better able to understand and effectively resolve objections. Dale Carnegie taught me to make meeting the needs of any customer my top priority, and my sales have increased!

- Mike Fontana, FABCO

I enrolled in the Dale Carnegie Course hoping I would overcome the dread of public speaking and improve my presentation abilities. My was achieved and I am actually having fun speaking publicly. What I didn't anticipate was the knowledge and techniques that I learned and use on a daily basis both in my professional and personal life. The course went beyond effective communication and includes leadership and problem solving techniques. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to grow both personally and professionally.

- Mary Fehl, Ethan Allen Home Interiors

Dale Carnegie has helped me grow as a leader through better expression of my thoughts and ideas. It has really helped me look at the world through new eyes.

- Sharon Williams, St. Joseph's Hospital

Everything involved with Dale Carnegie Training is always positive, always! The training program and principles used have long term benefits. I constantly refer to the principles, techniques, and methods in the following areas: decision making, problem solving, management skills, stress control, public speaking, improving both business and personal relationships, plus so much more. It does not cost to take the Dale Carnegie Training...it pays!

- Carl Theorin, Wausau Sales Corp.

Being a lender in today’s environment has many challenges. Dale Carnegie training has given me the fundamental principles to succeed in an unpredictable banking atmosphere. Communicating and listening to my customers are two of the strongest Carnegie principles making my customers top priority. Taking the Dale Carnegie course is a return on your investment.

- JoAnn Draeger, Mid-Wisconsin Bank

I don't know why, but I felt like a new man this past week. I am really refreshed and energized. I really enjoyed what Dale Carnegie had to offer for me. I will take the principles to my grave. I have read numerous of books trying to better myself and most are pretty repetitious on their philosophies; I never got much take home value. It was amazing that the format that the class offered is life changing just in twelve weeks. OUTSTANDING!

- Michael Hanson, Ahern Fire Protection

The Dale Carnegie Course taught me that as a leader, my effectiveness is almost always determined by how well I manage my relationships with others. The biggest benefit of this training is learning how to face challenges with courage and confidence, and get handle on stress and worry, once and for all. The Dale Carnegie Course is a very personal training experience. You choose the areas of your life you want to apply the principles to, and you get the personal attention and support you need to achieve your vision of success.

- Jennifer Moore, Kolbe & Kolbe Milwork Co., Inc.

I will always be ever so thankful for Dale Carnegie Training! Thank you Thank you.

- Jeff Holzinger

I think of the Dale Carnegie training often. I truly believe your training sessions made me a better person and in doing so have opened many doors of opportunity for me and my family.

Thank you for challenging me during your sessions; I am a much better man, boss & husband thanks to your challenges.

- Scott Monnot, Graphic Packaging Int.