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It is understood that this reservation is for a spot in the class of limited size. Tuition includes all necessary textbooks and class supplies, which will be distributed at the first session. Any sessions that are missed, for any reason, may be made up with another class. Should an individual move to another area he/she may complete the training in any of the cities where the course is presented.

You, the class member, may cancel this enrollment agreement at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this enrollment agreement.

1. Up to and including Session 1 - a full refund will be made providing books are returned. 2. Notification of cancellation up to and including Session 2 - a partial refund of 80% of tuition will be made 3. After Session 2 - no refunds will be made.

Any class member discontinuing one class and transferring to another will incur a $50 administrative charge. This charge is payable at the time of transfer. I agree to and understand the above conditions of enrollment, cancellation, refund and transfer.  

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