The Dale Carnegie Course

8-Week Program

Look around you at successful business people, world leaders, professional athletes and entertainers. You'll find a disproportionately high number of Dale Carnegie Course® graduates.

Through a proprietary process that uses team dynamics and intra-group activities, the course will help you master the capabilities demanded in today's tough business environment. You'll learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. You'll be better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver and focused leader. And you'll develop a take-charge attitude initiated with confidence and enthusiasm.

In short, the course will power you to move far beyond your comfort zone as you stretch for and attain ambitious new goals.

Dale Carnegie Training research has identified key attributes that distinguish top performers. These attributes have been incorporated into a process that coaches you through a four phase, continuous-improvement cycle.

Employees at all levels in a corporation who seek to maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to the organization.

The Dale Carnegie Course® is a 8-week program running one night per week for 3.5 hours per session. This time-spaced learning methodology allows you to practice between sessions.